It is election season again for the Foundation. Beside electing half of the board seats we again have some paperwork changes - after updating the bylaws last year we realized that the membership agreement hasn’t been changed since over 10 years. It talks about the previous-previous legal org, has old addresses and a bunch of other things that just don’t fit anymore. In the board we’ve updated it to reflect our latest bylaws (thanks a lot to Rob Clark doing the editing), with no material changes intended.

Like bylaw changes any change to the membership agreement needs a qualified supermajority of all members, every vote counts and not voting essentially means voting no.

To vote, please go to, log in and hit the “Cast” button on the listed ballot.

Voting closes by  23:59 UTC on 11 April 2017, but please don’t cut it short, it’s a computer that decides when it’s over …